Jersey Shore recap!! Jionni comes to visit, but after going to the club with everyone, walks off when Snooki embarasses him by lifting her dress up and showing her crotch on the dance floor..Snook is devistated and goes ballistic. Jionni packs his bags and leaves after just being in Italy for 6 hours. Oh those kids!!

12.1 million people watched the series premiere of The X Factor on Wednesday night. By comparison, 26 million people watched last season’s premiere of American Idol.

Justin Bieber has a lookalike. A Muppet which resembles the singer is running around on Sesame Street. It resembles the singer and even sings a song titled, “Measure, Yeah Measure,” which sounds very much like Bieber’s hit, “Never Say Never.”
Check it out here!! Cute. I wanna be a muppet!!

Even though Lindsay Lohan’s progress report hearing is scheduled for October 17th, the troubled star is supposedly “falling behind” on her 480 hours of community service. “Lindsay has completed her shoplifters awareness class but is falling behind on her other commitments”

New Movies: Moneyball, Dolphin Tale & Abduction
TV:KITCHEN NIGHTMARES – (season premiere)
FRINGE – (season premiere)
SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE – (season premiere) Alec Baldwin hosts; Radiohead performs.
THE AMAZING RACE – (season premiere)
THE GOOD WIFE – (season premiere).
CSI: MIAMI – (season premiere)
THE SIMPSONS – (season premiere)
THE CLEVELAND SHOW – (season premiere)
FAMILY GUY – (season premiere)
AMERICAN DAD – (season premiere)
DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES – (season premiere)
PAN AM – (series premiere)