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Posted on by Tripp West

BOUNCE_SELFIE#BounceSelfie is here!! Listen to our version of #Selfie by The Chainsmokers!

Download [1:57] 4.7MB

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Prince George GIFS That Will Melt Your Heart!!

Posted on by Kyle

Prince George is saucy little dude! Sorry… Royal Baby! Enjoy the cutest 5 gifs evar!

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[VIDEO] Meet Canada’s New Bachelor

Posted on by Bram

BT_BACHELOR_radioWatch Now

Orange Is The New Black Trailer! *Totally NSFW*

Posted on by Kyle

THIS LOOK SO BAD ASS! The music totally helps but the Netflix series Orange is the New Black is back June 6th!

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WHAT’S UP -April 17

Posted on by Kyle

The Battle of Mosquito’s has begun! The city program to get rid of as many mosquito’s as humanely possible has begun, the amazing itchy body savers are targeting low bodies of water for eggs. Here’s the worst part!! THE SNOW IS HELPING! It’s making the eggs take longer to hatch therefore less mosquitoes! SOURCE

A new school is coming to Edmonton and it will cater to grades k-9 but there is a catch! The city gets $20 million BUT they have to close down 3 schools. 2 elementary and 1 junior high. The replacement school will have space for about 650 to 800 students, and will either be built in Lawton (affecting Lawton, R.J. Scott and Rundle schools), Westmount (affecting Westmount, Coronation and Inglewood schools) and Highlands (affecting Highlands, Montrose and Mount Royal schools). SOURCE


Love! It’s a fickle thing

-          Tim Warmels is taking his hand at finding true love is our new Bachelor for Bachelor Canada (click his picture to toats find more)

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Easter Events in YEG

Posted on by Kyle

Well it’s here! EASTER WEEKEND! A long weekend to chill with your kids hyped up on A LOT of chocolate! Here’s some things you can do to get that energy out of their system!

Easter ‘Eggs’travaganza

April 18 to April 21
TELUS World of Science – Edmonton

Join us from April 18 to April 21 as we celebrate Easter with several special activities including Egg Drop Challenge and an Easter Egg Hunt!


Easter Egg Hunt & Pancake Breakfast
Woodbend Hall
Saturday, April 19, 2014   9am to 11am

Drop by to meet your neighbors or bring your children for an Easter egg hunt.

$5 per person, Free for children under 5 years
Call Marilyn at 780-470-0071 for info
Woodbend Hall is located on the western outskirts of Edmonton at Woodbend Road (9 Ave SW) and Winterburn Road (215 St). 26002 – Twp Rd 514 T7Y 1A9

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Final Trailer for “X-Men : Days Of Future Past”

Posted on by Johnny Infamous


It’s one of the most anticipated movies of the year. The technology finally caught up to the story and now we can see the X-men as they were meant to be. This trailer is epic! Enjoy!

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Big Brother Canada’s Dr. Stein

Posted on by Ara

Arisa is off to Toronto to host the eviction episode of Big Brother Canada tomorrow night and she asked her friend (and house psychologist) Dr. Stein to call in to give us all some insight on what goes down once a houseguests #BBCAN2 experience expires. Wild interview ahead!

Download [3:35] 5.2MB


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WHAT’S UP – April 16

Posted on by Kyle

Okay, we’ve had a rough season and we’ve all known that! The Oilers finally got a break! We’ve got the 3rd pick in the NHL Entry Draft! The Buffalo Sabres scored the number 1. Our dreams of getting Aaron Ekbald from the Barrie Colts are done for… the draft picks happen June 27th and 28th in Philly

Potholes could be a thing of the past!! For at least 2 years! City council was given $27 million so they are going to put that moolah towards 2 years of road repairs! The first year will have a contract of $10 million and $17 million for the 2nd year! No need to worry low riding car drivers! Your nightmares are almost over!! SOURCE

Heartbleed Bug hits the CRA website! Over 900 SINs were compromised from the CRA website. Scammers usually also need a name and date of birth, which were not released with the bug.  The Canada Revenue Agency says 900 people whose SINs were compromised earlier this month through its online services will be notified by registered letter.SOURCE

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Survivor: After The Final Torch – Morgan

Posted on by Ara

Morgan caught a lot of flack for “doing nothing around camp” according to her Survivor tribemates. She also had quite the quote before her exit. We caught up with the bombshell to hear her out!

Download [6:15] 9MB


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